Bethesda-Khankho Foundation

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The Bethesda-Khankho Foundation aims to give opportunity and hope to the needy – particularly tribal people – and to bring transformation to children, families and communities. Through the nurturing environment of genuine love and care, along with quality holistic education, it hopes to reap mature and responsible global citizens – leaders of tomorrow who will ultimately transform society.


About the Founders

Rev Dr Jangkholam Haokip (known as Lamboi)

Rev Dr Jangkholam Haokip, known as Lamboi, was born to an Indigenous traditional Thempu (Priest/Medicine man) in the remote part of Churachandpur, Manipur, Northeast India. At the age of about 13, he lost his Mom and later his Dad, disrupting his formal education. Despite this, he continued to study on his own for ten years while supporting his siblings through cultivation of rice in the hills. With a strong vision and desire to help others, Lamboi left home in search of opportunity to resume his formal studies in North India, paving the way for him to do all his academic studies including his Masters, PG in Human Rights in India and PhD at the University of Aberdeen, UK. Prior to developing BKF full-time, Lamboi served at Union Biblical Seminary, Pune, as Liaison Officer, Registrar, Lecturer and Associate Professor for twenty years. Besides teaching and supervising theses (Masters and PhDs), he has published several books and articles both in India and abroad including ‘Can God Save My Village’, which was published in the UK. In April 2019, Lamboi left his professor job in the University and returned to his native Manipur to develop the BKF full-time, particularly the development of the Bethesda Khankho Institute, a centre for integrated studies specialized in Indigenous studies.

Lamboi & Boinu at the Bethesda Academy

Lamboi & Boinu at the Bethesda Academy

The Mongken school, the only school Lamboi attended whilst growing up.

Lamboi’s family home in Mongken village.

The rice field Lamboi cultivated for 10 years to support his siblings following the death of their parents.

Boinu & Lamboi

Boinu & Lamboi

Dr Laljem Haokip (known as Boinu)

Dr Laljem Haokip, known as Boinu, was born to a pastor and teacher family. She has completed all her elementary educations in Imphal including her medical degree, MBBS. After marriage in 2009, Boinu joined Lamboi in the UK and worked for the NHS. On her return to India, Boinu continued her medical studies and in 2018 completed her Doctor of Medicine (MD), specialized in Biochemistry, at the Regional Institute of Medical Sciences in Imphal. Currently Boinu oversees the BKF’s medical project, including medical camps and the UNAU Diagnostic Centre.