Be transformed to transform.

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Be transformed to transform.

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What We Do

Bethesda-Khankho Foundation works alongside tribal/indigenous communities in North-East India, particularly in the state of Manipur, for holistic transformation.

The organization is founded on the principle of sacrificial love locally expressed in the indigenous people’s tradition of Khankho. It is registered as a charitable organisation in both India and the UK.

Our motto is ‘be transformed to transform.’


Our Projects


Bethesda Academy

The aim of Bethesda Academy is to provide the best possible integral education to the underprivileged tribal children, to give them hope and opportunity and to bring transformation to lives, families and communities.

Bethesda Khankho Institute

BKI is a centre for Integrated studies specialized in Indigenous knowledge. It is an academic project led by indigenous scholars in North East India. The Centre’s activities includes holding conferences and seminars, research and publication and offering diplomas, graduate and post-graduate programmes including doctoral programmes in Indigenous knowledge.


Bethesda Som-In

Bethesda Som-In is a Home for leadership development for orphans with free food, shelter, clothing, and integral education. We believe the less privileged children can provide better leadership in the 21st century if they can be equipped for the opportunity.

Bethesda Khankho Medical Care

The Bethesda Khankho Medical Care conducts free medical camps and other health campaigns every year. We also have a Laboratory called ‘UNAU Diagnostic Centre’ with the aim to give precise and accurate test results in town without having to travel to Imphal, the State’s capital.

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“I do very much want to commend the work that you and your colleagues are doing through the foundation, especially to help young people… the more they can be educated, receive good healthcare etc, the better they will be able to take their places in leading future generations.”

JOHN MASON, Member of scottish parliament

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About Us

We are a likeminded group of people working toward integral transformation. While Bethesda-Khankho Foundation is registered as a charitable trust in India, Bethesda Khankho International is registered as SCIO in Scotland and supports most of the BKF’s projects. Similarly, the former also enriches the latter with the Indigenous knowledge known as ‘Khankho’.




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